Delete junk files on iPhone | Empty iPhone cache | Delete temporary files on iPhone: 5 ways to speed up your iPhone

We explain how to delete junk files in iOS. How to clear data, and delete your iPhone’s cache. Here’s how to remove unwanted junk and speed up your iPhone. Five ways to clear space on your iPhone.

We show you two must-know iPhone hacks, that are good spring cleaning for any iPhone user. And then we recommend three apps that can help to give your iPhone a simple speed boost. (See also: How to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone.)

How to speed up iPhone
How to speed up iPhone

How to speed up iPhone: Delete unwanted caches and data

First we’ll clean out your iPhone’s caches. A cache is a small amount of memory stored in order to make surfing or using software easier. It is the cache on your browser that logs you into websites and autofills forms. It helps web pages to load quicker by saving certain elements of that page.

So deleting your iPhone’s Safari cache will mean you’re logged out of any websites into which you’ve signed. It will give your web browsing a spring in its step, however. Let’s clear out your iPhone’s Safari cache.

1. Go to Settings > Safari.

2. Tap Clear History and Website Data.

3. Select Clear History and Data.

Clear history and data on iPhone
Clear history and data on iPhone

That’s it! Now we will clear out cached data stored in your apps. The same deal applies: you’ll lose some convenience, but pick up a bit of perkiness.

1. Go to Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage

2. Select Manage Storage.

3. Now choose an item in Documents and Data.

4. Found something you want to delete? Slide to the left all of those unwanted items, and then hit Delete.

5. Tap Edit > Delete All to remove all an app’s data.

Clear storage on iPhone
Clear storage on iPhone

How to speed up iPhone: Recover memory

This is something all iPhone users should consider doing regularly. And it is classically simple: switch it off, and switch it back on again. (See also: 6 ways to stop running out of data on iPhone | How to make iPhone data go further | How to turn off Wi-Fi assist.)

Apple fans will tell you that iOS is an perfectly efficient memory manager, and background apps take up no memory. But we find that restarting the phone closes down all running apps and gives a burst of responsiveness to an iPhone. So let’s restart your iPhone:

1. Hold down the Sleep/Wake button.

2. “Slide to power off” should now appear.

3. Slide the power off switch to turn off the iPhone.

4. Wait for 30 seconds or so to ensure the iPhone has fully closed down.

5. Now hit the Sleep/Wake button to turn on the iPhone.

How to speed up iPhone: Clear iOS files and memory with Battery Doctor

Now we enter the murky world of third-party apps that claim to give a speed boost to your iPhone. As with all such apps in the Windows and Android worlds, we can’t guarantee any of these things will work. But we have picked out apps that in our experience are useful.

In most cases they automate the things we talked about above. They do basically the same things in slightly different ways.

Battery Doctor’s principle reason for being is to provide information about your battery. It has a handy sideline in clearing out junk files though.

1. Install and open Battery Doctor on your iPhone. You can find it in the App Store.

2. Choose the Junk tab.

3. Select ‘Clean Up Cache’, and then tap ‘Clean’.

4. Battery Doctor will then scan your files. When it has done, tap Memory.

5. Now select Boost.

After it has finished Battery Doctor will show you how much memory has been released. You should now find your iPhone runs a little faster. Or at least it feels that way!

Battery Doctor
Battery Doctor

How to speed up iPhone: Remove iOS junk files with iMyFone Umate

Another piece of software to consider is iMyFone Umate. In this case it isn’t an app, so much as desktop software that has a sideline in iPhone work. iMyFone Umate for Windows and Mac can be used to remove temporary and junk files from your iPhone. It is paid-for software, but there is a free trial that will do this job.

1. Install iMyFone Umate and connect your iPhone to your PC or Mac using the Lightning cable.

2. Open iMyFone Umate. Click Scan on the Home tab.

3. Select clear Junk files and Temporary files.

iMyFone Umate
iMyFone Umate

How to speed up iPhone: Remove iOS junk files with PhoneClean

PhoneClean is another piece of software that can remove junk files from iOS. And like iMyFone Umate it is paid-for desktop software with a free trial. Here’s how you use PhoneClean to delete junk files:

1. Install PhoneClean, and attach the iPhone to your PC or Mac using your Lightning cable.

2. Open PhoneClean, click Scan.

3. Wait for the scan to complete, then click Clean.


Just like that, you should have an iPhone that is as good as new. Read next, how to fix ‘Android insufficient storage’ error message.

How to watch US Netflix in the UK | How to get US Netflix on Xbox, PlayStation, Apple TV, iPad, Android and more

How to watch US Netflix movies and TV shows when you are in the UK. How to access US Netflix shows wherever you are. Use a VPN to watch US Netflix on Windows and Mac. Change DNS settings to watch US Netflix on Xbox, PlayStation, Android, iPhone and iPad.

Netflix is constantly hunting down the VPNs with which you can spoof being in the us, and blocking them from working. So you may need to try a few different products before this works. And, there is always the small chance that Netflix will start punishing those people who it finds cheating geography.

It’s a slim chance, however, you can access US Netflix content from the UK only by paying for a UK Netflix account. So although Netflix is bound by its licensing deals with content creators to appear tough on people watching TV an movies outside of the correct territories, it’s unlikely to start banning paying customers. And how would it be able to tell?

Watch US Netflix from the UK
Watch US Netflix from the UK

How to watch US Netflix in the UK | Watch US Netflix on PC, Mac and Android tablet

First of all you need to be a subscriber to Netflix. So go to the UK Netflix site and sign up. There is a free trial if you have never used Netflix before.

Now you have access to UK Netflix, let’s get you those lovely US shows.

The workaround is simple: first we will install a VPN (virtual private network), then we will use this to spoof our IP address so that it looks as though you are in the US.

Choosing a VPN is key. There are many around, and most offer a free version. We’re going to use Total VPN as it is not currently blocked by Netflix. The free version offers you a choice of three virtual locations, but limits the amount of bandwidth and transfer data.

It should suffice for you to get cracking with US Netflix, however. And if you do need more bandwidth you should always try before you buy.

Head over to and select the Get Total VPN link. Sign up, then download and install the app. Once install, launch Total VPN. You will be given the option to choose the country from which you wish to browse: make that country the US.

It can take a few moments to connect. Once you are up and running, simply browse to Netflix and sign in with your UK account details. You should find that you have access to the US content.

How to watch US Netflix in the UK | Watch US Netflix on Xbox, PlayStation, Apple TV, iPad, Android and more

The bad news is that if you want to get US Netflix on your Xbox or PlayStation the process is a bit more involved. You need to change the DNS settings in your web connection. The good news is that – as always – the internet provides.

Changing DNS settings in itself isn’t hugely difficult – you simply head to the network settings of the console and manually configure the settings. You need to enter primary and secondary DNS (Domain Name Servers) numbers that will carry your internet traffic, and convince Netflix you are in the US.

You can find these by searching for them on the internet, as they change regularly. DroidKid has a good list which should be the first place you try. Using these DNS numbers is free, but when they become popular they get clogged up and slow, and can even occasionally redirect you to a third-party site in an attempt to sell you VPN software or worse.

DroidKid list of DNS servers
DroidKid list of DNS servers

If this all sounds too dodgy, try Unblock Us. It costs $4.99 Canadian dollars a month, which is only a few quid but still not as good as free. Fortunately there’s a free trial so you can test it out. The server numbers you need are and

Unblock Us is compatible with various devices including games consoles, media streamers, Android, iOS and more. Even better, it has plenty of guides as to how to change the DNS settings on specific devices, so it is a good place to try if you want to watch US Netflix, in the UK, on your iPad.

Unblock Us
Unblock Us

How to fix Android insufficient storage available | Android insufficient storage available fix without root

How to create space on Android phone. We explain how to deal with the Android ‘insufficient storage available’ message without having to root your smartphone. How to clear space on your Android phone, even when you know you have free space.

Few things in life are inevitable: death, taxes, running out of storage on your smartphone. And Android has an annoying habit of telling you that you are out of space even when you know there is room to burn.

It may be that you have space on an SD card, but for some reason Android feels you are out of storage. Or it may simply be that you tried to download or update something, and received Android’s notorious ‘insufficient storage available’ error message.

Fear not. Even if your smartphone is rammed with apps, music and photos, there are plenty of things you can do to free up space. And none of them is drastic. Here’s how to fix Android’s ‘insufficient storage available’ error message.

How to fix Android insufficient storage available: clear cache/remove app data

The ‘insufficient storage available’ error can be seen after you have moved large amounts of media from your Android phone’s onboard storage to a microSD card. Put simply, it’s caused by cached data not being properly erased.

There are a couple of ways of fixing this issue. The easiest is to install a cache cleaner app. There are a few of these we like, but App Cache Cleaner – 1Tap Clean is our favourite.

Apps such as this one are super easy to use. Once installed you simply open the app and let it scan your phone. You can then either clear each individual cache by clicking on the rubbish bin icon next to each app, or delete all the app caches by selecting the Clear icon at the bottom of the screen. Simple.

App Cache Cleaner 1Tap Clean

This is a good process to go through whenever you are a little tight for space. And it is free. So why wouldn’t you install App Cache Cleaner – 1Tap Clean? Put simply: you may not have enough space. To create that space, you have to delete the cache from individual apps.

Here’s how.

Some Android phones will allow you to clear cached data via Settings. On my Galaxy S7 Edge I just go to Settings, Storage, click the onboard storage, and tap Cached data. This immediately gives me the option of deleting all the cached data.

Clear cached data for single app

Alternatively, on all Android phones you can delete cached data on an app-by-app basis.

Go to Settings, choose Apps or Applications.

Now you will either see a list of all apps running and installed on the phone, or have the option of clicking Application Manager to see this list. Simply tap any app in this list, then choose Clear Cache.

List of apps on Android

Through clearing the app cache on your phone, you should be able to fix that pesky Android insufficient storage issue. But if that doesn’t work, we are going to have to get more creative. And each of the following options will hurt at least a little.

How to fix Android insufficient storage available: remove apps you don’t use

Okay, this is not ideal. But if you go to that list of apps as outlined in the point above, you may find that there are several you don’t need or use. And you’ll be able to see the storage each app takes up.

Delete app data

To delete, just select the app you no longer need by tapping it. You will be given the option to uninstall or stop. Simply click uninstall and that app, plus all its cached data, will be removed.

How to fix Android insufficient storage available: add an SD card (and move across media)

The only cost here is, well, cost. Adding an SD card is available only to those Android phones that have an SD card slot. And it isn’t quite the panacea that phone reviewers will have you believe. For one thing few phones will let you host apps on the external storage. And for another, they can affect performance.

But a sizeable SD card will add loads of storage to your phone, taking all the media files off your overworked built-in storage. It’s a no brainer if you are storage-starved.

How to fix Android insufficient storage available: remove media files (back up to Google Drive)

Again, one to file under ‘obvious, and mildly painful’. But if you are anything like me your Android phone will be chock full of podcasts to which you will never listen, and photos that someone else shoved your way via WhatsApp.

Make sure your photos back up to Google Drive, and your music is stored in Google Music (both are free). Set your podcast settings to delete once listened to, or after a period of a month. And regularly click through your photos and delete those you don’t want to keep. It’ll be good for the soul, as well as your phone.

Do let us know in the comments below if you have any other Android space-saving tips.

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