How to build apps for iPhone | Learn to code iPhone apps with these 5 best Swift coding courses

Here we show you how to learn to write Swift. The 5 best courses for learning Swift, how to code iPhone apps, and how to learn to code. Here’s how to build iPhone apps.

Swift is Apple’s coding language, designed to make it easy for anyone to build apps for Apple products such as the iPhone and iPad. ‘Easy’ is a relative term, however. Although Swift and Xcode are freely available vi the Apple app store, and that will help you get started.

If you are not a professional coder you will likely need some kind of support to get grips with Swift. But such support is readily available. In this article we outline the best free and paid-for courses that will help anyone build iPhone apps with Swift.

How to write apps for iPhone: 10 best courses for Swift

There are loads of courses that will help you to learn to build iPhone apps. But not all such courses are made equal. In all cases you will need motivation, and discipline.

We recommend the Udemy course as it is the best, if not the cheapest, offering the best chance of you making it. But we present all options so that you can make the right decision for you.

How to write apps for iPhone: Apple Swift developer resources

Every aspiring iPhone app writer should start by visiting Apple’s Swift developer resource page. Here you can download Xcode 8 and get started with Swift 3. Use the migrator in Xcode 8 to convert your existing Swift code to use the new Swift 3 features and syntax. You’ll find sample code, and links to reference material.

Don’t worry if you don’t know what means. You will if you keep reading.

How to write apps for iPhone: Udemy

Hands down the best way to learn Swift is to take this hugely popular and well reviewed course via the Udemy learning site. The Complete iOS 10 Developer Course is brand new for Apple’s latest iOS, but has already garnered rave reviews from some of its tens of thousands of students.

Udemy courses are normally very expensive, and this one retails for £200. That is good value if you are a novice coder who is serious about writing apps for iPhone. But if the price makes you balk right now there is an amazing offer by which you can do this course for just £19. Take advantage!

You should also check out some of Udemy’s other iPhone app writing courses.

Udemy iPhone app writing course
Udemy iPhone app writing course

How to write apps for iPhone: is the doyen of the online education world, and as you might expect it has courses that will help you to learn to code iPhone apps.

You will find a tonne of such courses here, but for the beginner we particularly recommend iOS 10 App Development Essentials 1: Create Your First App. It is short, and easy to follow, but gives you all the basics.

Lynda is a subscription service, and after a free 10-day trial it costs £22.95 a month or £227 a year. If you are serious about learning to code for iPhone, that year-long deal may make sense given the sheer volume of iOS coding courses included.

Lynda iPhone app writing course
Lynda iPhone app writing course

How to write apps for iPhone: Totsplus

A much cheaper option that will suit those on a budget but doesn’t offer as much depth as Udemy, is Totsplus. We like this course Learn iOS SDK Development From Scratch, and you can sign up for just $15. Pretty cheap, even post Brexit.

Totsplus iPhone app writing course
Totsplus iPhone app writing course

How to write apps for iPhone: iTunes U

Our final option is to use Apple’s own iTunes U. Here, via iTunes you can get access to course materials, videos and resources that will help the motivated iPhone coding newbie get to grips with Swift.

We like this one, and this one.

It’s inexpensive, and a little like guesting at a university. You can sit in on lectures and download and use all the resources you need. But you have to set your own pace and mark your own work, and this can be a little lonely.

How to download YouTube videos | How to download YouTube videos to iPhone | How to download YouTube videos to Android

How to download YouTube videos. Download YouTube clips to iPhone, Android and more. 

We show you how to download any YouTube video to your iPhone, or Android phone. The methods aren’t straightforward, but that is the nature of the beast. Google doesn’t really want you to download someone else’s copyright material, and it isn’t going to make it easy for you to do so.

Fortunately, we are here to show you how to download YouTube videos. How to download YouTube clips to iPhone, and how to download YouTube clips to Android. (See also: How to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone.)

How to download YouTube videos to iPhone

This is much more involved than you might expect. But the process is basically install a media download app, find the URL of your preferred video, and then get the one to suck down the other. There are some clunky limitations here, so if you find a better way to do it please let us know.

On your iPhone, go to the App Store and search for ‘Documents 5’. Documents 5 is a free app that is useful for this exact purpose, although it isn’t straightforward – Apple doesn’t like to be seen to be promoting the downloading of copyright content. Install Documents 5, launch the app, and tap the bottom-right icon (it looks like the Safari compass).

This will display a web browser where you can search for ‘savefromnet’. Find ‘‘ in the search results, and tap it.

No you need to find the URL of the YouTube video you wish to download. Either find it via your iPhone web browser, or open the YouTube app. Then find the video you want, tap it to show the controls and hit the share icon (the bendy arrow pointing right). One of the options is ‘Copy Link’, and that is the one you want.

Once you have copied the link, return to the Documents 5 app. It is best to do this, the download stage, on Wi-Fi. Much data will be used here. Tap in the white box to select it, then tap again to bring up the Paste option. Paste in the video URL you copied from YouTube.

Download YouTube clips to iPhone
Download YouTube clips to iPhone

Now hit the green tick. You will see a list of resolutions. Choose the quality you want, remembering that higher quality means a bigger file on your phone. When you have chosen a quality that suits, hit the relevant green link, give your video file a name, and hit done. The video will now download to the Downloads section of the Documents 5 app.

Apple really isn’t going to make this easy for you, so you can’t then save the video file to your native Video app. But you can move it to the Camera Roll, by tapping holding the video file, and then dragging it to the Camera Roll. Head to that app to watch it any time you want. (Also see: How to stop running out of data on iPhone.)

How to download YouTube videos to Android

As with iPhone there are free apps available that help here. In this case they make it easier, because Android is more open than is iOS. However, it’s not all gravy. The app we are using isn’t on the Google Play store. Such is life. Follow our instructions and you will be okay.

The app is TubeMate: head to on your Android browser, and click to download a recent version from the provided list of verified sites. Your Android pone will want you that the file downloading can harm your device – this is only because it is software from outside the Play store. It’s cool. But you do have to open up your Android’s permissions.

Go to Settings, Security, and enable the option to allow installation from unknown sources. You will be warned again, but click through this. And remember to reverse this process when you have installed TubeMate.

Now install TubeMate. Use a File Manager to navigate to your phone’s Downloads folder, and find the relevant .apk file. Tap the file to begin the installation.

Samsung Galaxy S7
Samsung Galaxy S7

TubeMate will prompt you to agree to some permissions, so do so and click Install. Once it is installed, tap Open. Accept the Terms of Use. Once TubeMate launches, use the Search option to find the YouTube video you want to download and select it. At the top of the screen you’ll see a green arrow – tap this.

You will be offered a range of quality options for your download. Quality means big, remember. And also it makes sense to be on Wi-Fi at this stage. Make your choice and press the Download button.

Once your video has downloaded you’ll see a notification in the drop-down bar at the top of the screen. Tap it and TubeMate will open. Swipe in from the right to access your downloaded videos, or use the three dots icon at the top right and select Download List. Either way tap on any video to begin playing it.

The video files themselves are automatically saved into your smartphone’s Video folder. So you can move them from your device on to a PC and then another device. (See also: How to fix Android insufficient storage available error message.)


6 ways to stop running out of data on iPhone | How to make iPhone data go further | How to turn off Wi-Fi assist

How to stop running out of data on iPhone. Six tips for saving data on iPhone. Here’s how to make your iPhone data go further.

Your iPhone is brilliant. Too brilliant. That monthly data limit soon goes if you use all the many wonderful features and apps on your smartphone. And in the UK at least cellular data is super expensive. In this article we explain how to monitor your iPhone data usage, how to prevent apps from using too much data, and how to make your iPhone data go further. See also: How to unlock iPhone: Use any SIM in iPhone.

Stop running out of data on iPhone: 1. how much data am I using?

Go to Settings > Cellular (or Mobile Data), scroll down to view Mobile Data Usage. If you have never done this before, the number you see will be your all-time data usage, so scroll to the bottom and hit Reset Statistics. Do this every month to keep track of your data usage.

This is a faff, so you could just purchase the Data Usage app for 79p. This will keep track of your data usage for you.

If you just want to see which apps are using data, go to Settings > Cellular (Mobile Data).

How to speed up iPhone
How to save data on iPhone

Stop running out of data on iPhone: 2. how to turn off Wi-Fi assist

WiFi Assist feature kicks in to use cellular data if your Wi-Fi connection is crappy. Which is good for your connection, bad for your wallet and your data contract. If you don’t need it, turn it off. Go to Settings > Mobile Data, scroll to the bottom and disable Wi-Fi Assist.

Stop running out of data on iPhone: 3. stop individual apps using data

Go to Settings > Cellular/Mobile Data and scroll down to stop individual apps from using data. Classic data hogs include steaming services such as FaceTime, or cloud data services such as iCloud. Switch off cellular and you can still use them via Wi-Fi.

Save data on iPhone
Save data on iPhone

Stop running out of data on iPhone: 4. turn off auto play video in Facebook

Facebook’s auto play video can chew through your data. But you can switch off this specific element of the app. Go to Settings > Facebook > Settings and scroll down to Video and switch to Auto-play on Wi-Fi only.

Stop running out of data on iPhone: 5. stop iPhone using data

To turn off your cellular data so go to Settings > Cellular (Mobile Data) and toggle the Cellular Data switch to off.

This will turn off all cellular data to restrict all data to Wi-Fi, including email, web browsing and push notifications.

Stop running out of data on iPhone: 6. switch off data roaming

When you travel abroad, you may wish to stop your phone using cellular data, which tends to be a lot more expensive. Go to Settings > Cellular and toggle the switch beside Data Roaming. See also: Delete junk files on iPhone | Empty iPhone cache | Delete temporary files on iPhone: 5 ways to speed up your iPhone.